Your career

As an Armstong Newman candidate you can be assured that your relationship and ongoing discussions with us remain confidential. We endeavour to support and guide you throughout your career with advice and visibility of the best opportunities in the market. Of course we won’t necessarily secure every one of the career moves that you make but we will promise to stay in touch with you and be there should you ever need us again.

Our approach will be tailored to your individual needs. However there are certain steps in our process that we employ for every individual that we engage with.


Our first contact will typically be made by telephone. This contact is critical to assess our ability to be able to help you. Ensuring that you have the background and experience that mirrors our specialist service offering is important to us. Everyone’s time is valuable and we will seek to build relationships that will be mutually beneficial. Once we have both established that there is good fit for both parties a road map can then be agreed.


We will meet every candidate that we work with. This cannot always be immediate where geography or timescales dictate otherwise but regardless of the medium used we will always engage face to face before we ever introduce you to our clients.

There will be three core elements to our meeting. These can broadly be categorised as:

  1. Consultation: Understanding your personal circumstances and specific needs.
  2. Assessment: Competency based interviewing techniques to qualify your track record and experiences.
  3. Planning: Working together to refine your objectives, align expectation to the market  and agree the road map ahead.

Relationship Management

Our relationship with every individual will be different depending on the unique needs and circumstances of the person. The planning stage of our meeting will have mapped out the frequency and mode of contact, the briefing and feedback process for specific applications and any other specifics that will ensure our relationship works successfully. This framework will enable us to navigate successfully as the dynamic of our relationship evolves.

Thank you for your interest in Armstrong Newman, we look forward to hearing from you and building a long term working partnership.

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